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Alex and Kait first kiss.JPEG

MJ recently completed an acclaimed run of  The House of Hands, produced by DVC. This World Premiere production, adapted by M.J. from the novel by J.C. Savage, starred Alexus Maxam as Alexis and M.J. as Kaitjan. 

The short film The Rock Collector, written and directed by Joram Bierdeman and starring M.J., premiered in January 2023. 

Over the past year, MJ has participated in staged readings and appeared on-camera in commercials and training videos.  MJ's voice can be heard in various TV and radio campaigns as well as in award-winning eLearning courses for companies worldwide. MJ continues to work as a performance educator and audio describer at Geva Theatre Center.


Image by Annette Dragon. From DVC's
production of The House of Hands (2022).

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